Monday, May 21, 2007

SCP Standard

SCP Support Standard
How do we know the SCP Support Standard will fit our business and with our customers?
We have a complex product, how can we have the same standards as a basic product?
What's the difference between ISO 9000 and the SCP Support Standard?
We are already known for great service, and we feel there is little that we need to improve upon. Why would we want to spend time and money on something that would have an unknown impact on our support delivery?
How long will it take to become SCP Certified, from the time I join the program?
If we have some questions after we receive the SCP Support Standard materials how do we get assistance?
Our company has multiple locations and support centers. How do we determine the cost of having all of these centers certified?
Does this standard focus strictly on the U.S. market or are the SCP Standards available for international support sites?
Would it be possible to speak to the management team from an SCP Certified support center?

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G said...

Since we launched a new website in 2008, the links to the FAQ have changed. To access the FAQ about the SCP Standards program, you can visit the following URL:

Enjoy, and let us know ifi you have any questions or comments via email: